My Dead Thoughts!

I turned to seeIf you were still behindBut you were gone. A glimpse of your faceI was missing so muchMy wet eyes, a little whisper.Why were you gone?Why did I look back?And that’s all for nothing. You were an apparition,My dead thoughtsI know you,I feel you moving awayThrough the ground below my feet.And you knowContinue reading “My Dead Thoughts!”


The world’s gone mad,[All day] I’m in my bed,Watching Netflix and using the phone.Come over, and quarantine with me.That’s all I need! The media just reporting bullshit,Headlines: “We’re dead”Don’t leave homeStay in your bed.Life is over! Social distancing is greatCome over, and quarantine with meUs in bed is all I need.The grocery stores are emptyAndContinue reading “Quarantine!”

A Normal Miserable Life!

I know it seems uncanny, weird and foolishLike I am not interested in talking to you,But believe me, there is nothing else I wantTo do more than talking to you like before. I have to literally force myself to believeI am fine without you but no I’m notIt seems that this life is better,Rather theContinue reading “A Normal Miserable Life!”

Who Are They?

Behind a wall,They walk beside you,Who are they? They wander around,Looking without a friendly sight,Who are they? With a text and chat,They may smile but pretend,Not friends, then who are they? Watches you, stalks you,As you walk, as you speak,Even examine over the way you dress. Judge you with their thoughtsBut what is there toContinue reading “Who Are They?”