Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!

If our fate is sealedWhere will it be, God?Where to be found?In our hearts,In our mind,Or in the horoscopes?Or maybe in the poems,Those I write?In our soul,In our beliefs,Or in the citiesThose are still to be found?Help us God,Encourage us to be on the right pathEven if fate is sealed and hidden.Guide us,Indicate us,Push usContinue reading “Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!”


What’s happening to my creativity?Am I still dreaming of anonymity?Can’t I rip my soul open like beforeI Don’t know what I need anymore. Am I not damaged anyway?I shouldn’t pretend by the wayFeelings must flow freelyFor the sake of legitimacy. © Shuhab Abro