UnWanted Conversations – Poem #11 – (2021)

Learn to write safe words, my love.You never know,Who is going through what!Never utter coward languageIt shatters into millions someone’s heart.When written or spokenOver and over againSomeone collapseUntil he cannot escape from himselfThen misery is enough to cover horizonsTears are enough to water the desertsDeath is enough to be at peace. © Shuhab Abro

Haveli (Book review)

The book is set five years after the first book “Shababu: Daughter of the wind.” Now Shababu is the fourth wife of the wealthy landowner, who is 40 years older than her. Shabanu and her husband Rahim have a five years old daughter Mumtaz.I found the description of rich, nurturing community of women most fascinatingContinue reading “Haveli (Book review)”

Shabanu: Daughter of the wind (Book Review)

This fictional book is very well-written. Author’s style is sprawling and spacious, relaxed when that is the tone called for but able to turn on a dime and become very intense too. I’m not sure what goals author had in her mind while writing this book. Whatever they were though I have to believe that she was supremely successful in accomplishing them.
Auther tells a well-plotted story with plenty of twists and turns & ups and downs. Gracefully leads us in a procession of wisdom and understanding towards a greater realization of the meaning of our lives.