Messy Thoughts – Poem #8 – (2021)

I don’t want things to be perfect,I prefer things to be in our image.Light, funny, spontaneous, and not fake.Let’s have some moments,Like dance and then hide,Among the beautiful flowers.Let’s laugh for a whileUnder the naked sky.Let’s share all of our sorrows!Let’s share our shoulders as pillows. Let me hold your face in my hands,Let meContinue reading “Messy Thoughts – Poem #8 – (2021)”

I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)

I wish I shut my eyesSomewhat longer to dream,To plunge into the dreams,Emotional real factorsStowing away under the psyche. It alarms me to death;What I seeFurthermore, I awaken to the real world.I advise myself“That was only a fantasy”. Perhaps the truth is a fantasyWhat’s more, what I dream, a reality.As a general rule,I fantasy aboutContinue reading “I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)”

Haveli (Book review)

The book is set five years after the first book “Shababu: Daughter of the wind.” Now Shababu is the fourth wife of the wealthy landowner, who is 40 years older than her. Shabanu and her husband Rahim have a five years old daughter Mumtaz.I found the description of rich, nurturing community of women most fascinatingContinue reading “Haveli (Book review)”

Our Master And Leader is Hussain!

Our master and leader is Hussain,The peace in our hearts is Husssain.Whisper of his followers and lovers,Say Nothing but Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain. Except you, I have no other thought,My kin, my belongings,My life and devotion.To the dark tale of the killing field, The pouring rain we weep.Grieving and mourning you these nights,Alongside the martyrsContinue reading “Our Master And Leader is Hussain!”

Three Cups Of Tea (Book Review)

By the time book was over I was feeling like some of us got lost in Pakistan while climbing mountains and building schools for impoverished girls that would otherwise have no future.
I think it would have been more inclined to enjoy Mortenson’s story in a magazine article than in this extended 330+ page (book) tribute to him.