Your New Favorite Book!

“When I stare at the sky, I see you. When I stare out into the ocean, I see you. When I’m looking at the moon, I see you. Oh GOD! Would you move aside, you’re constantly getting in my way.” Hussein Nishah It seemsYou found your new favorite book[In him] One that keeps you aliveAnd awakeContinue reading “Your New Favorite Book!”

If I Was To See You Again!

If I was to see you again,It would be too soon,My emotional scars are still freshThey will take so long to healThey are still rawAnd tender to the touch.Though happy memoriesOutweigh the negative,I am still left wondering eternalIf I ever knew you at all? I have so many questions,So much tormenting my soul,So much unknownThatContinue reading “If I Was To See You Again!”

Oh Dear, Look Where We Are!

Oh dear, look where we areIn a world sinners in itThe thieves, the liarsAnd the alcoholics in it. If it’s sinners vs losersThe loser like me wins in itLosers fight the fateAnd sinners lose their minds in it. Folks from the heavensMade me sputter and inspiredWho I always thought was mineThe fire of hell wasContinue reading “Oh Dear, Look Where We Are!”

Fate (Poem #2) – Joke Of The Fate!

Fate is a monster, yet,Fate is my friend. Fate is death, it is my painFate is darkness clouding my name. Fate opens all of the closed doorsAnd sometimes closes all the open ones. Fate is a monster, but yet,It’s my friend. Fate helps meBut sometimes holds me down. Fate is that brings you happinessAnd lovedContinue reading “Fate (Poem #2) – Joke Of The Fate!”

Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!

If our fate is sealedWhere will it be, God?Where to be found?In our hearts,In our mind,Or in the horoscopes?Or maybe in the poems,Those I write?In our soul,In our beliefs,Or in the citiesThose are still to be found?Help us God,Encourage us to be on the right pathEven if fate is sealed and hidden.Guide us,Indicate us,Push usContinue reading “Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!”