I Adore You – Poem #20 – (2022)

Since we first met,
I can’t seem to forget that
You mesmerized me
With your beautiful face
There are not enough words
To describe how perfect you’re
You’re my body,
you’re my soul.

I felt your presence
When I needed someone
I felt your existence
In my weakest moments
I felt your support
In every little things I’ve done
I thought you could see
Right through me.

I felt you could see
All that I have been through
All the happiness, sadness, misery,
And accomplishments of my life.
But I’m glad that
I had a chance to know you
Even if it was for just a short time
I adore that beautiful thing between us.

© Shuhab Abro

Hopelessly in Love – Poem #14 – (2022)

Self implosion is an art
While in corridors of heart
Heart always rebels against the mind
It says in love, everything is fare & fine.
Even after breaking apart
And falling to pieces
It’s always willing for a fresh start
And new beginnings
For that feeling of supreme emotion
Hopelessly, It will fall in love
Time after time.

© Shuhab Abro

My Dead Thoughts!

I turned to see
If you were still behind
But you were gone.

A glimpse of your face
I was missing so much
My wet eyes, a little whisper.
Why were you gone?
Why did I look back?
And that’s all for nothing.

You were an apparition,
My dead thoughts
I know you,
I feel you moving away
Through the ground below my feet.
And you know me,
When the time comes
You will feel me coming
Up the street from miles away.
I promise that soon I will die.
Izraeel may take my soul
From my body
So it [my soul] will continue
To sing songs about you.

© Shuhab Abro