So many times we fail to appreciate the strength the love and a relationship based on. Together we can achieve all things, all that we need and want to be happy and to be fulfilled. So I will stay with you even if you leave me. Stay with you in your soul if not in a person. To remind you that you will never be alone, we will always be one.

As we are always talking about how we wish to experience things together, we miss out on the dreams those we watch together and we don’t live in todays and waste them for uncertain tomorrow’s.

I’ll not waste a minute to show you how much I love you, even if it’s the only minute I’ll have to breath.

I’ve always been the weak and fragile one
because I thought all the good ones were weaker, more sensitive and super emotional all the evil minds were so powerful that I never saw the charm
but when u survive one crash after another one dark thought after another one more betrayal and one more loss
u feel urself getting numb to pain
u get tougher and a little brutal
and it is the sweetest drug to the soul
getting stronger, self-reliant and free.

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