Life Is All About Gratitude!

As time passes and the more you experience the world, you understand the truth around you, the people who gave you inferiority complex in something, will start asking you about that thing which will tell you that how trash they were ,how trash they are, how trash they will be, but now you have to show gratitude and to act opposite, as they were with you similarly the people who used to scold you,make fun of your eligibility will try everything to be in your friend list, but now you have to show gratitude. This is the little thought my friend Syed Faraz shared with me earlier this month. He asked me to write some stuff about it! So here we are…

Anyone can be happy when they get what they want. But the challenge is to stay grateful and peaceful even the world around you feels trash, dangerous, and crazy.

Joy is not a birthright or a privilege, it is resilience-giving, power, strength, stubbornness and tenacity. Joy is as powerful as anger.

On September 3rd 2019, Faraz asked me to write something down about it and I decided to write it on the right time. As you all know it’s September 21st and on this day we celebrate World Gratitude Day and International day of Peace.

Hope you’ll like the blog dear Faraz and I hope you will not call it trash or whatever. It’s not easy to understand what someone is thinking infront of you or what they really want you to perform exactly! So I’ll try my best to reach your recommendation formally.

Let’s begin the show…

Our interconnectivity both unites and divides us, and we can feel powerless and paralyzed by a stream of angry social media shares. And in the face of overwhelm division and grief we might find ourselves presented with latitude. But how can we keep our hearts open to people we care about? What might support us in our grief for all that is lost? Whom might we learn from? What does the world need? Who do we want to be?

Only one response to all, “to share the message of gratitude, inspiration, comfort, and motivation”. Look for the good in everything, pass the good to everybody even you don’t really know them.

Basic possibity to share your message to the world is to write. It’s not difficult to write just put your pen to paper and start writing and read it loud if you feel comfortable with it just share it to your circle. You may not have so many friends or you may not have a big circle, but taking one step is better than being stopped on one point. Some one said I don’t remember the name “There is no right time to start right thing, right thing always starts at the right time”

In expressing care and gratitude we support each other, communicate each other (communication matters). Your one smile to an stranger can make a difference, your connection with someone can make someone’s day.

May be this thing feels trash but I’m going to tell you that this thing has a very good impact on our gratitude. Just push away your device, whatever you use (phone, computer, tab, laptop) and go out to travel take a long deep breath and just look around. And a good advise for you do not capture the beauty just feel the gratitude of nature and our very own mother earth.

L.R Knost said “when life feels too big to handle, go outside. Everything looks smaller when you are standing under the sky”.

It was really good experience to write for you my friend. I hope you will have a good response for me. 🙏

Thank you! 😊

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