You Are My Angel – Poem #04 (2021)

I feel you in the scent of roses
And every beautiful art in apses.

In the quiet pouring of the rain,
You are in the breath of the wind.

In the starry nights of summer
You are my home, my confidante.

Sometimes a hostile lover
And sometimes an uncomfortable soul.

But You are my angel
In every moment.

© Shuhab Abro

Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)

A big thanks to you my dear
For breaking up my heart.
I’m serious about my words
You knew how serious I was
In our relationship,
Now that is Nameless.

How mad I was for you.
I spent my whole days
Just thinking about you.
The importance I gave you
More than anything else.
I kept my everything aside.

My wishes and my goals.
I forgot everything.
I was so in love with you

I still remember those days,
While having a meal
With you on video call.

One day you left me, broken!
Anyways, that is past,
I am so happy now.
When you left,
I was so suffocated!
I spent my time,
With your thoughts.

Then I got an idea to write,
Which was actually,
What I could best.
But I never got time of your thoughts.
Now I have plenty of time
And I am doing it, yes! You heard it right.

One more thing I learnt
The only thing you taught
Which was the most important.
Self love, being self loved is best.
Now I focus only on myself,
And you know I’m enjoying it.

A big thanks to you, dear!
For teaching me everything,
How to tackle difficult times,
How to motivate ourselves,
How to enjoy every moment,
Today whatever I’m, I owe you for that!

Once again thank you so much my dear ex. Thank you for the break up!

© Shuhab Abro

Don’t Quit Yet – Poem #02 – (2021)

Oh traveler of the right path,
Don’t despiar.
Don’t quit yourself,
Don’t be desperate.
Take a trip to your heart
Just like holy people do.
You are the one
Who sees the truth,
Don’t fall for
Beauties of the world.
If our hearts beats together,
Then why do you care
About the world.
Turn into your heart.
When your heart asks,
What will happen in the end?
Be sure that
Everything will be fine.
It is enough for you
Just listen to your heart.

© Shuhab abro

To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)

3/5 stars ⭐

This will be a short review!

This book was published more than 60 years ago, has also been used as an educational book for countless young students.

The main problems represented in this book – Racism, disadvantage, rape, false accusation of rape, all of these are hateful and really should have never existed in the first place within our world and society. But unfortunately they do!

Story wise – the first half was a little difficult for me to get into. I was waiting and waiting for the events to start happening. The second half went much faster, especially because of the court room. If it wasn’t for some part in the first half that bored me, this would’ve received 5 stars. But if we talk about the message to be taken from this book, that was without a doubt an important one.

It was a good novel. But I started this book with expectations those were too high. I tried reading it so many times, but could not move ahead on many occasions.

There was no conflict in this book. There was nothing interesting that compels me to read more.

Recommended to Americans and people those are against the racism.

UnLoved – Poem #01 (2021)

From where the love’d to come
Love for your UnLoved?
Will you not miss ’em?
Missin’ ’em not, stoppin’ y’self to,
Is that the way to UnLove ’em?
From forgiveness to Forgotten?

You think you’re not a monster,
You must not care what they think.
If you care what they think,
How will you not hate ’em, well!
You became monster for ’em, well!
Kind of monster known’s [beloved- UnLoved]

They’ gone and they came not
They are free of you na’
As, They free’d you, You free’d ’em, well!
They’re as sunlight t’thou but isn’t it tru’
Dark night had to come.
Final shade had to go!

(All rights reserved © Shuhab Abro)