Best ever birthday wish – From my Jaanemun 🙈


As today’s your special day ultimately my special day,,, ThankGod you were Born😂today I want to tell you everything that I feel or have ever felt for you I want to open my heart in front of you but as you know iam really bad with words and expressing my feelings and most of all iam worst at showing how much I love! As this is your first birthday after us being together so I think it has to be special this time… hence here is this speech😂😂😂 i hope you don’t get bored 😬😬

I don’t know where to start or what to say next, what words to use and what to tell you because i would fail at it, there are not enough words to explain to you, and let the world know what exactly you mean to me! What exactly I feel about you!!!!
As you were telling me the other day like, at first We didn’t know each other, were complete strangers, then became friends…. Casual friends…. Good friends…. Best friends…. Friends without whom you can’t survive…. soulmates…. And then BOOM 💥
Firstly I didn’t want to connect with you as you know well, after all the efforts that you made😂 but once I got attached to you, there’s no going back!🥰

I don’t tell you often that how much lucky iam to have you, how much thankful iam for being blessed with you in my life, well yes we’ve had our ups and downs, ALOt of differences and confusions,,,,, but finally we found our way🥲thankGod❤️

I knew from the very start when I was falling for you (who wouldn’t!?),and I didn’t want to do this because I knew this will only hurt me(that’s why it took so long 😂), I was so scared that this won’t workout(we both were confused ) and still wasn’t ready to let you go, (was damn afraid of losing you) , but I was certain to hold on to you because I couldn’t process the fact that we’ll not talk anymore or you’ll not be my friend because I couldn’t imagine my days without you…. No matter how many arguments or fights you’re never gonna get rid of me🙂🫂🫂

All the efforts were worth it, because you are worth putting efforts for, you are the most precious n amazing thing that can ever happen to anyone, nobody deserves you who don’t know what a true gem you are!!! In that case I guess iam a very fine gemologist 😂😂

I don’t know exactly when and how I developed feelings for you but I know exactly why I fell for you, let me be honest today, i didn’t fall for your looks or any other thing! 🙊🙊
I actually fell in love with your voice I swear your voice gives me butterflies, and your laugh, your smile (trerhan Dandan wari smile😍😍😍), fell in love with the way you treat me, the way you deal with my silliness 😬, And I fall in love with you a little bit more everyday when you just don’t make me realise how big an idiot iam, and when you love me unconditionally and when you make me laugh really hard, baby iam attracted to you in ways that I can’t explain, Iam so madly and insanely in love with the whole of you,

You have no idea how important you are to me, and I have no idea how to explain it to you,,,✨I really don’t know how to tell you how much you make me happy, I smile like an idiot whenever talking to you, just a single text from you makes my day beautiful and brighten up my face, it’s you and only you that I want💋💋more than anything in this world!🌍♾♥️🫂✨

you’re everything I ever wanted and needed, i know I say I love you all the time but that’s not enough I want to tell you more I want to show you how I feel about you how I feel when I talk to you but the problem is I don’t know how to describe this all in words.💝💓
Just know that you’re my everything my whole world, my entire heart, ♥️
my day starts and ends thinking about you!!! Seriously iam not flattering 🙂👅💋♥️
aggggh iam so scared of losing you that sometimes I find myself holding feelings inside and never showing them to you that how much obsessed Iam with you, I want to hold your hand always and forever and never let you go.✨♥️💞🫂

Sometimes when I look at you on videocall and you’re already staring back at me, and when our eyes meet, in that moment I feel something inexplicable. 🥰😘♥️At that moment there is nothing in this whole wide world that I want more than that look in your eye.

I keep thinking how much I love this man, how much I love talking to him, how much good he looks when he smiles, how much I love his laugh, all the time because you are never out of my mind not for a single second.♥️♾
I just want to remind you today and everyday that you’re only mine as iam only yours, can’t imagine my life without you (especially when we’ve been so much close so much intimate), I’d rather try again with you a million times than starting over with somebody else♾♥️❤️🤧

Never want you to forget the spark between us, just remember that I’ll always be there for you no matter what you’ll always find me beside you through thick and thin.😘✨✨
Sometimes I wonder what the future holds for both of us but I really wish you to be in it, really really wish you to be it- because you are the best thing ever happened to me, you are the love of life, my man, mine only ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️♾

🥲🥲 So Happy of the happiest birthday my love my best friend my chapra my bheelllllll my baagri my heart my world🌍 ✨💞I wish you all the success , health and wealth, a wonderful life with so much happiness and joy around you and all the blessings enough to make you lose the count, may your smile never fade, may all your wishes and desires come true, I wish for the accomplishment of all your dreams that you long to come true, uncountable duas and best wishes on your salgirah my whole heart 💜🧡♥️
سالگرہ مبارک میری جان♥️
just know that I love you unconditionally, you are the story that I never want to end, you are my everything I love you I love you I love you beyond infinity ♾❤️🌍

It’s more than just Love – Poem #30 – (2022)

I don’t love you,
It’s more than love.
Everyone loves
But to my wonder
We never do anything bad
To a stranger.
But we hurt the one
We love the most!
That’s why
I don’t want to love you
I want to make you feel
That you don’t know
You saved me from drowning
You are the only thing
In my life that makes me feel better
You are my heart
Without you
There is no Shuhab.

© Shuhab Abro

I Know that You will Never Know! – Poem #29 – (2022)

I believe no one else will ever know
the kind of person I truly am
as I come and go.
I’d rather not dress up!
I simply want to leave the house
with my head held high.
I deserve the respect of men;
but I’m struggling
for fortune and fame.
I don’t want to look at myself
and know that all I am an empty show
and a bunch of bluffs.
I can never hide from myself,
I see what others might not see, 
I am aware of what others might not be.

© Shuhab Abro

A Toast to my Seven-Year-Older Version – Poem #28 – (2022)

I want to be alone with myself.
To be suitable for my own existence,
Being able to look into my own eyes
Is not a bad idea at all.

Days are passing by, I notice.
Though some nights aren’t horrible enough,
Sunsets no longer bother me.
Just trying to forgive myself 
For the things that I’ve done.

It turned out there been a closet in my heart,
In which I had too many secrets.
I opened it’s most obscured corner,
Burned most of the darkness,
That happened to be reason of hurt.

During this period of my revival
Had a toast by myself to myself
In honor of my seven-year-older-self,
I used seven-year whiskey to burn my throat.

© Shuhab Abro

Funniest Answer to a Very Serious Question.

Yesterday, Someone questioned me regarding the cause of my breakup. I responded to him in the funniest way I could!
I said, “she used to send me pictures with Snapchat filters.”
And during that serious conversation, we laughed uncontrollably.
I know that this isn’t particularly funny, but trust me, the timing was impeccable.
As you know, I am Mr. Perfect, for such things, right?

I believe I am finally leaving the past behind. I’d never felt that much pleased with myself before!