We Need The God!

Right in here, I know this is what the world and I need. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve received prayer requests from people for healing from Covid-19 and comfort for the grieving families after the loss of their love ones. Just hearing the request of hurting people and seeing the confusion plaguing this country brings tears to my eyes.

Covid-19 has us living with so many uncertainties. Decisions concerning the best course of action and plan for our lives are changing continually with the reception of new information. This has caused many to become depressed and suicidal, but for me, I am so glad I know God because He has been my resting place amid Covid-19.

Over the years, I purchased material things, things that I thought I needed, and some of which I packed away and never used. I’ve accumulated stuff, and now as I look over all of these things, I am trying to find ways to dispose of them because I don’t need them.

I have come to realize things are temporary, things are disposable, and things that I thought I needed, things that would make me happy, and my life complete have not. What I should have done was pray and ask God the One I needed for guidance before I purchased the stuff.

To conclude this blog, the point I am trying to say is in everything we need the God. We need Him in every area of our life, and this fact in our present world could not be more apparent. We need Him for guidance, support, peace, shelter, wisdom, knowledge, healing, protection, deliverance, strength, prosperity, and salvation. (This is just a few areas of need, I am sure you can name many more).

So, let’s spread the word, and tell this faltering world they need the God; He is our answer and only hope.

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