She & That Man – Poem #21 – (2022)

Her bright beauty
Twinkling, flashing and shining
As she got loved by everyone
Hoping it’s all true.

But the man she promised to,
Fairy tale promises? I won’t dare to say,
All assurance and vows seem gone
And that man became blurred.

This isn’t what she wanted
It isn’t what she promised for
Niether the situation they’re in
She ever asked for.

So she searched something inside herself
As she sat confused
Finding the truth refusing to accept lies
Uncomfortably addled.

In her deep memory
The man still blurry visible
Not completely forgotten
Not completely perceptible.

But that man, he stands broken
Looking at the past and figuring out
Crawling to edge finding a way through
Barely able to get a width to reach back.

That man squinting into her thoughts
Trying to whisper some words to his dear
This is not the end, my love
This is not what we meant to be.

© Shuhab Abro

My Dead Thoughts!

I turned to see
If you were still behind
But you were gone.

A glimpse of your face
I was missing so much
My wet eyes, a little whisper.
Why were you gone?
Why did I look back?
And that’s all for nothing.

You were an apparition,
My dead thoughts
I know you,
I feel you moving away
Through the ground below my feet.
And you know me,
When the time comes
You will feel me coming
Up the street from miles away.
I promise that soon I will die.
Izraeel may take my soul
From my body
So it [my soul] will continue
To sing songs about you.

© Shuhab Abro

So I Learned My Lessons!

I learned fine difference between
Holding a hand and chaining a soul
I learned your relation
Doesn’t mean security
And I learned why should I always lean?

A while before I begin to learn
That your kisses aren’t real
Your surprises aren’t promises
I began to accept my defeats
With my head up and eyes ahead

I learned to build my soul
I started digging the ground
For my new plans to build a road
Our future had a way
Of falling down in the mid flight

After a while I learned
That even sunshine burns
If you get too much
Then I started planting a garden
To decorate my own soul
Instead of waiting for you
To come and bring some flowers

Last but not least, I learned
That I really can endure
But I know I’m really strong
My soul really worths
With your every goodbye, I learned!

© Shuhab Abro