What Is My Relationship Status?

Why there is no such relationship status,Like this, right now I am in,Neither I am single nor commitedI am just in a complicated situation. We neither broke up,Nor loving each other.We are neither friendsNor even enemies. We are not having deep chats,Niether we look like sweethearts,Nor we are fighting like angrybirds. We are just beingContinue reading “What Is My Relationship Status?”

Hard Times!

Some people yelled; hard times,In two-thousand-ninteenIn two-thousand-twentySaid we’re dying, we’re behind. Some people yelled; hard times,Because hard times were new.Hard times is all I ever had,Why should I lie to you? Some peope yelled; hard times.What is it all about?Things were bad for me,When hard times started out. © Shuhab abro


The world’s gone mad,[All day] I’m in my bed,Watching Netflix and using the phone.Come over, and quarantine with me.That’s all I need! The media just reporting bullshit,Headlines: “We’re dead”Don’t leave homeStay in your bed.Life is over! Social distancing is greatCome over, and quarantine with meUs in bed is all I need.The grocery stores are emptyAndContinue reading “Quarantine!”

Who Are They?

Behind a wall,They walk beside you,Who are they? They wander around,Looking without a friendly sight,Who are they? With a text and chat,They may smile but pretend,Not friends, then who are they? Watches you, stalks you,As you walk, as you speak,Even examine over the way you dress. Judge you with their thoughtsBut what is there toContinue reading “Who Are They?”