Distant Multitude!

I took a real moment,
With myself during this pandemic,
I stepped out into eternal life
Under cover of the darkest night.

There was no noise but
Blowing wind and the rustle of leaves.
Sound of the distant hum
Of a human being saying my name.

Perhaps! It was pretty quiet,
And so dark I couldn’t see.
But except, the sparkling sky
With a bright incandescent night.

Distant multitude of stars,
At that moment, the universe
Took my breath away,
Made my mind blank.

Made me gasp so my chest hurt,
My lungs felt as if they were gone.
But there was a star
The brightest one.

It was winking at me
I’m not sure, but as if it was saying
Take a deep breath
Everything will be alright.

© Shuhab Abro


The world’s gone mad,
[All day] I’m in my bed,
Watching Netflix and using the phone.
Come over, and quarantine with me.
That’s all I need!

The media just reporting bullshit,
Headlines: “We’re dead”
Don’t leave home
Stay in your bed.
Life is over!

Social distancing is great
Come over, and quarantine with me
Us in bed is all I need.
The grocery stores are empty
And I’m out of cigarettes, and cheese!

I need forty bottles of whiskey
To keep myself feeling alive
You’re better warned
To stop messing around
During quarantine.

I’m laying with some pillows
Fully naked watching movies
Making some brunch,
I stocked my cigarettes
And now I’m running out.

It’s just a little fuck
This virus got us stuck
Is this really gonna happen?
Are we gonna die?
I’m not even 25!

© Shuhab Abro