My Dead Thoughts!

I turned to seeIf you were still behindBut you were gone. A glimpse of your faceI was missing so muchMy wet eyes, a little whisper.Why were you gone?Why did I look back?And that’s all for nothing. You were an apparition,My dead thoughtsI know you,I feel you moving awayThrough the ground below my feet.And you knowContinue reading “My Dead Thoughts!”

So I Learned My Lessons!

I learned fine difference betweenHolding a hand and chaining a soulI learned your relationDoesn’t mean securityAnd I learned why should I always lean? A while before I begin to learnThat your kisses aren’t realYour surprises aren’t promisesI began to accept my defeatsWith my head up and eyes ahead I learned to build my soulI startedContinue reading “So I Learned My Lessons!”