The world’s gone mad,
[All day] I’m in my bed,
Watching Netflix and using the phone.
Come over, and quarantine with me.
That’s all I need!

The media just reporting bullshit,
Headlines: “We’re dead”
Don’t leave home
Stay in your bed.
Life is over!

Social distancing is great
Come over, and quarantine with me
Us in bed is all I need.
The grocery stores are empty
And I’m out of cigarettes, and cheese!

I need forty bottles of whiskey
To keep myself feeling alive
You’re better warned
To stop messing around
During quarantine.

I’m laying with some pillows
Fully naked watching movies
Making some brunch,
I stocked my cigarettes
And now I’m running out.

It’s just a little fuck
This virus got us stuck
Is this really gonna happen?
Are we gonna die?
I’m not even 25!

© Shuhab Abro

A Normal Miserable Life!

I know it seems uncanny, weird and foolish
Like I am not interested in talking to you,
But believe me, there is nothing else I want
To do more than talking to you like before.

I have to literally force myself to believe
I am fine without you but no I’m not
It seems that this life is better,
Rather the best I could ever have.

May be this is all happening for good reason,
Because I don’t want anything to hurt you.
May be I am doing this just because I want
To keep you away from my miserable world.

So that you don’t have to go through,
Anything so hurtful and damaging,
That would end up deep down in misery,
With no sense, depression and whispers.

I have spent many years down there.
It is not a good place for you at all.

We both know, there will [come] a day,
When you’ll go away,
Leaving memories behind
And will never come back.

Not because you won’t want to,
But because there will be no way back to
The place where I will be.
May be you just won’t see any coming back.

So I don’t want to be so close,
To you until then and just see you leave,
All of a sudden, because I am not so good
At letting go, I’ve never been you know that!

I need a lot of time to convince myself,
One day I will have to see you walk away
Into a new life with someone
Who will actually deserves you.

Someone, who would actually love you
And care for you like I never could.
Or to be honest the way I never can.
You deserve a normal, happy life.
And I’m still a million miles away from Normal.

© Shuhab Abro

Who Are They?

Behind a wall,
They walk beside you,
Who are they?

They wander around,
Looking without a friendly sight,
Who are they?

With a text and chat,
They may smile but pretend,
Not friends, then who are they?

Watches you, stalks you,
As you walk, as you speak,
Even examine over the way you dress.

Judge you with their thoughts
But what is there to see in you?

You are getting judged,
By those whom you never knew,
Strangers? Who are they?

They ain’t got a face,
Not the same as it changes
From day to place.

They walk beside you,
Just a knock away,
Who are they?

© Shuhab Abro

From Qalb: “HEART”

I don’t know where you go,
when you’re away.

One minute you’re here
And the next miles away.

There’s a wide wall between us
built with pebbles and stones.

Misplaced anger and insecurity.
I test the strength of wall, with my spirit.

And try to chip away all the concrete
With sweet words, lame jokes
And pure sense of humor.

© Shuhab Abro

Let’s Spread Positivity!

Always be humble to everyone,
That’s not so hard and not so far.

They are people like us,
Living with us in our neighborhoods.

Work with them side by side,
And with a smile by plan and plot.

Not always, you know
From what someone going through.

You might think or believe,
They are not.

But make a room for positivity.
From the inside, they stand quietly.

Beyond the terror and shock,
The street lights may go out.

Chaos and panic may fill the streets,
But don’t get harsh, stay positive for all.

Face the terrorized situations
From many directions.

Shake hands with positivity
And throw out the negativity

Collapse in a moment,
No paranoia here,
Be aware, every moment be prepared.

© Shuhab Abro