She Chose me anyway!

She chose me like a book is chosen in a library.

I do not know if she chose me for the title, the spine, the cover, the typography or because of my location among other books.

I don’t know what kind of text I was for her.

My Dead Thoughts!

I turned to see
If you were still behind
But you were gone.

A glimpse of your face
I was missing so much
My wet eyes, a little whisper.
Why were you gone?
Why did I look back?
And that’s all for nothing.

You were an apparition,
My dead thoughts
I know you,
I feel you moving away
Through the ground below my feet.
And you know me,
When the time comes
You will feel me coming
Up the street from miles away.
I promise that soon I will die.
Izraeel may take my soul
From my body
So it [my soul] will continue
To sing songs about you.

© Shuhab Abro