Valentine’s Day 2022 – Poem #7

No flowers can compete with,your beauty inside and out.No chocolates are more lusciousthan the sweetness of your soul.No love-letters are enoughto convey my affection for you.But I’ll do what I canLeaving no doubtsSo you’ll believeI love youFar longer than for eternity. Set your mouth on mine!And fill my empty lungs,with your avid hunger.Engrave every inchContinue reading “Valentine’s Day 2022 – Poem #7”

I don’t think I can ever fall in love again.

I don’t think I can ever fall in love again. I don’t think there is anything in this world that can make me believe in love again. that can make me dream about having a forever with someone. Because I don’t think I can ever forget the nights I spent staring at the blank screenContinue reading “I don’t think I can ever fall in love again.”

To my Friends – Poem #22 – (2021)

I am sitting sereneAt the edge of my life.Watching the people go,Unfaithful, untrustworthyWho had sold me out. Only the good peopleAnd the true ones are left.I suppose, and hope so,I no longer seeThe face of my mistakes. © Shuhab Abro

Poor Infertiles – Poem #21 – (2021)

Being Infertile or having no childrenIt can be hard. It feels like fire in heart sometimesBut without any need for life to pause. It makes no senseBut they’ve got a hurricane to guard. Their wide world is being bittenHence they smile and but bewarred. They parish purelyWaving their spirits Without any trace of grace,Disgrace orContinue reading “Poor Infertiles – Poem #21 – (2021)”