Hard Times!

Some people yelled; hard times,
In two-thousand-ninteen
In two-thousand-twenty
Said we’re dying, we’re behind.

Some people yelled; hard times,
Because hard times were new.
Hard times is all I ever had,
Why should I lie to you?

Some peope yelled; hard times.
What is it all about?
Things were bad for me,
When hard times started out.

© Shuhab abro


The world’s gone mad,
[All day] I’m in my bed,
Watching Netflix and using the phone.
Come over, and quarantine with me.
That’s all I need!

The media just reporting bullshit,
Headlines: “We’re dead”
Don’t leave home
Stay in your bed.
Life is over!

Social distancing is great
Come over, and quarantine with me
Us in bed is all I need.
The grocery stores are empty
And I’m out of cigarettes, and cheese!

I need forty bottles of whiskey
To keep myself feeling alive
You’re better warned
To stop messing around
During quarantine.

I’m laying with some pillows
Fully naked watching movies
Making some brunch,
I stocked my cigarettes
And now I’m running out.

It’s just a little fuck
This virus got us stuck
Is this really gonna happen?
Are we gonna die?
I’m not even 25!

© Shuhab Abro

Who Are They?

Behind a wall,
They walk beside you,
Who are they?

They wander around,
Looking without a friendly sight,
Who are they?

With a text and chat,
They may smile but pretend,
Not friends, then who are they?

Watches you, stalks you,
As you walk, as you speak,
Even examine over the way you dress.

Judge you with their thoughts
But what is there to see in you?

You are getting judged,
By those whom you never knew,
Strangers? Who are they?

They ain’t got a face,
Not the same as it changes
From day to place.

They walk beside you,
Just a knock away,
Who are they?

© Shuhab Abro

Floridus Me!

I feel strangely normal.
I’m not angry,
I see everything clearly.

As if I’m awake,
For the first time,
In a very long while.

I’m richer than
I use to be
Let’s celebrate, cuz I’m alive.

© Shuhab Abro

The End!

One by one, little by little
We will turn into stars.

Bit by bit, slowly but surely
We will turn into infinite universe.

Someday not today but one day
We will spin into eternal bliss.

Hand in hand, eyes in eyes
Pure love and intimacy only, will remain.

© Shuhab Abro