Valentine’s Day 2022 – Poem #7

No flowers can compete with,your beauty inside and out.No chocolates are more lusciousthan the sweetness of your soul.No love-letters are enoughto convey my affection for you.But I’ll do what I canLeaving no doubtsSo you’ll believeI love youFar longer than for eternity. Set your mouth on mine!And fill my empty lungs,with your avid hunger.Engrave every inchContinue reading “Valentine’s Day 2022 – Poem #7”

Vunerabilites – Poem #05 – (2022)

Easily, we picture others.Confidently blinded By our own walls,We miss their exposed cutsMany times skinnedAnd peeled awayWe snap at conclusionsBy actions of a friendRemember thatWe are all naked, Our skin flayedHaving our ownVunerabilites! © Shuhab Abro

There is No Room For Me to Have Feelings – Poem #23 – (2021)

There is no roomFor me to have feelings.Under you, I was foiled, My face blanked of wonder.A pitiful ordeal, my cheap toil. I hate you for stealing my feelings. My crooked back ached; My knees bled from kneeling,The whole sum of my feelingsGiven up to fund you.There is no roomFor me to have feelings. SoContinue reading “There is No Room For Me to Have Feelings – Poem #23 – (2021)”