Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)

You are a woman,But not a woman a man can trust.You are a devious womanA woman who drives men insane.You promises them your loveAnd your favors.But then you changes your mind,Cheats on themGoes with someone else.Do you understand,What I’m thinking?Do you understand,What I’m talking about?I guess you got me,That you can not be trusted!Your promisesContinue reading “Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)”

I Know My Worth – Poem #25 – (2021)

When I say words,I mean them.I do not waste my breath,Neither do I pretend things.You’re lucky if I said I love you!Even luckier,If I’d said you’re everything to me!But, You tried to squander my feelings!And I knew my worth.So I walked away! © Shuhab Abro

The energy of my beliefs – Poem #24 – (2021) – Your beliefs become your inner truths.

When you believe in something, you allow those beliefs access to your energy—space in both your mind and soul where they rest, expand, and slowly become real. When you believe in a good world, you bring more goodness to the world. When you believe in the power of love, you amplify that loving power. WhenContinue reading “The energy of my beliefs – Poem #24 – (2021) – Your beliefs become your inner truths.”

There is No Room For Me to Have Feelings – Poem #23 – (2021)

There is no roomFor me to have feelings.Under you, I was foiled, My face blanked of wonder.A pitiful ordeal, my cheap toil. I hate you for stealing my feelings. My crooked back ached; My knees bled from kneeling,The whole sum of my feelingsGiven up to fund you.There is no roomFor me to have feelings. SoContinue reading “There is No Room For Me to Have Feelings – Poem #23 – (2021)”

To my Friends – Poem #22 – (2021)

I am sitting sereneAt the edge of my life.Watching the people go,Unfaithful, untrustworthyWho had sold me out. Only the good peopleAnd the true ones are left.I suppose, and hope so,I no longer seeThe face of my mistakes. © Shuhab Abro