Better Call Saul – Review

“Better Call Saul” is one of the most anticipated TV-show in history, naturally, expectations were over the roof, and it was obvious that meeting those expectations would be nearly impossible, but it is probably the most highly praised TV-show in the history of Television and received the highest ratings in television history. 

It was really cool to see some of the “Breaking Bad” characters from time to time. Jimmy isn’t the only BB character to feature; plenty of others showed up, some as main characters others as important portraits. There were plenty of amazing new characters also. This program features sarcasm, humor, and numerous social injustices. You can’t help but chuckle during some scenes since they are so funny. However, the most subtly funny way to laugh is when your eyes do the smirking. 

The events in this series are a prequel to those in the Breaking Bad television series. As the story opens Jimmy is taking on a series of minor cases as a public defender. It shows us how Jimmy McGill, a trickster turned into a lawyer goes from being a defender of the hopeless people to known competitors of the drug mafia in New Mexico. He is also caring for his brother Chuck at the start of the show. Chuck is a partner at a prestigious law firm but doesn’t go to work anymore as he believes he is allergic to electronic devices. Other key characters include Jimmy’s close friend Kim Wexler, a lawyer at Chuck’s firm who he marries later in the series. Another important figure is Mike Ehrmantraut, who works as a parking attendant former police officer a former later becomes a helper of Jimmy. 

As he works to develop his legal career during the course of the series, Jimmy gets into a lot of scrapes and illegal activities, which inevitably bring him into contact with some dangerous characters. Meanwhile, Mike was also exploring for additional business, which brought him into contact with even more dangerous criminals, most notably Gustavo Fring and numerous Salamanca family members. 
This series has arguably the most straightforward plot, everything is It’s perfectly balanced. This show is an extraordinary achievement of creativity that eclipses BB in brilliance. Bob Odenkirk deserves an Emmy for each season. And Rhea Seehorn is a fantastic actress, in the second last episode of the series when she breaks down crying as she realizes what she has done is the best acting I’ve ever seen so far.  It makes me sad to see this show come to an end since, like many other viewers, I watch every episode and wish it would continue for at least a few more seasons. 

Better Call Saul is a multidimensional, darkly humorous drama that has the potential to be as unique and fascinating as we all dared to hope. Although the aesthetic is similar to “Breaking Bad,” this is still very much its own thing. Top-notch screenplay, direction, cinematography, photography, acting, and production values have all been represented. 

Ten stars. 

I don’t think I can ever fall in love again.

I don’t think I can ever fall in love again.

I don’t think there is anything in this world that can make me believe in love again. that can make me dream about having a forever with someone.

Because I don’t think I can ever forget the nights I spent staring at the blank screen of my phone, waiting for you to call me and tell me for once that you really loved me.

Or the days when you’d act like a complete stranger in front of your friends, because you thought you were too ‘cool’ to be with someone like me.

I don’t think I can ever forget the times I’d tell you what’s bothering me, and you’d just walk away in the middle of a conversation like my problems meant nothing to you. like I meant nothing to you.

I don’t think I can ever forget how much love I gave you, and in return, you kept reminding me how hard it was to love me.

So, I am sorry if I think I cannot fall in love again. I am sorry if I cannot make myself go through that pain again.

Because love is a dangerous instinct and it’s one instinct that I can’t trust. not anymore.

By Srishti – @thehalfreadverse_

Success is not what you think it is!

From a young age we’re told what success looks like–– good grades, good schools, good jobs, good money. I want you to know that real success is very far from these things.

Living abundantly cannot be measured in the form of dollars, wealth, or approval from others. True success looks like self-acceptance, love over fear, and an unbreakable inner fulfilment.

The only thing that matters is that you honor yourself through your decisions, values, and ways of being. Trust your intuition and recognize the love within both yourself and the world around you.
This is real success. Everything else is just background noise.

This is real success. Everything else is just background noise.

Move on. You deserve a love that moves you!

You don’t seem to move on from them whereas you deserve a love that moves you. It’s one of those nights when you break your heart, you draw the curtains, you cry your heart out, you remember the pain you’ve endured, all for someone who gave you wounds while you stitched theirs. What I have learnt is that when you love someone more than you love your peace, you start to find fulfilment in their hollow love.

– Kavya Dixit