If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!

Advice for those who want be committed to a person, but they are just desperate to pass their time that is completely up to No Good, kindly stop being desperate, right people (those who really understand the meaning of being committed) will never leave once they come. And advice for those who enjoy playing withContinue reading “If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!”

Always And Forever!

I never meant for you to know me. I never meant to let you in. But then I should not have loved you. Certainly not that deeply. There is a light in you so bright, It makes me feel Like the man I wish I am. And forget the thing you do. I am chainedContinue reading “Always And Forever!”

He’s Lonely!

A week is over, new has dawned And yet, she still not returned Yeah! That has been a drawn week And yet, she is not on her way Sun-rays faded into my dark room Darkness never stopped in my life Her lengthy fights only consume Everyday he wakes to define her beauty. © Shuhab Abro