Loop of Lies – Poem #16 – (2022)

Glancing at the presentSurveying a future, Predicting a past.As someone, Who blinds to ever lastLying to all, While trying to coordinate. Your another story With a different faceAnother lie With that same tasteIt was too soon And couldn’t go rightHere’s another cold day With over cloudy sky. The tide has turned, Turning its backAnother questionTheContinue reading “Loop of Lies – Poem #16 – (2022)”

I want – Poem #03 – (2022)

I want you And I want to get drunk With your tequila flavored kisses Let it scratch Let it burn To get upset That makes me lose my mind Make me dizzy and fall into your arms I want to drink you sip by sip Savor you between my lips And enjoy all of you.Continue reading “I want – Poem #03 – (2022)”

Genuine Kiss – (A sweet dream)

I saw you in my dream last night, it feels like a fantasy now. We were alone, distant from everyone else on an empty street, it was neither dark or dull nor very bright and splendid, a street lamp was glowing very nearly almost twenty steps away. It was a hazy evening, we were perchedContinue reading “Genuine Kiss – (A sweet dream)”

Fluffy Hand (a sweet dream)

That fluffy hand in mine (I’m holding it so tightly; like it belongs to me), running inside her house, when it started raining outside in the park; where we were talking about our lives and [Us]. When we reached inside her house, I found extremely strange things; may be, you can say it’s annoying stuff.Continue reading “Fluffy Hand (a sweet dream)”

Nostalgia – Poem #9 – (2021)

Raindrops showering on my faceRefreshing my soul, but your absence,It’s killing me, my sweet love. In this beautiful weather,I’m missing your bodily hugs,Your lip kisses and bodily fluids Scrolling down romantic stuffWaiting for you, JustImagining your cuddles Closing my eyes,Picturing your smile,Upon your face. Come to me,Rescue me, hold me,kiss me with your lips. MakeContinue reading “Nostalgia – Poem #9 – (2021)”