How could she help me? How can one drowning rat save another?

I dug my hands in my pockets and kept my head low. I pounded the streets, walking fast, going nowhere. In my mind I kept going back over our relationship, scene by scene, remembering it, examining it, turning it over, looking for clues. I remembered unresolved fights, unexplained absences, and frequent lateness. But I alsoContinue reading “How could she help me? How can one drowning rat save another?”

Mission Better Man!

At the point when you turn within, you will hear a delicate murmur guiding you towards the path that will help you turning into all you are meant to be. There, lives ancient wisdom. Older and wiser than you could possibly imagine. All caring. All loving. All knowing. What’s more, your greatest task is toContinue reading “Mission Better Man!”

Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!

She left me because I was not adequate, our values transformed, I was not responsible enough, I never tried to understand her, our mistakes never justified each other’s errors, I always neglected the signs she passed via simple gestures. I was miserable for quite a long time afterward. That was to be expected. But IContinue reading “Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!”

If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!

Advice for those who want be committed to a person, but they are just desperate to pass their time that is completely up to No Good, kindly stop being desperate, right people (those who really understand the meaning of being committed) will never leave once they come. And advice for those who enjoy playing withContinue reading “If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!”