Don’t Kill The Love – Poem #23 – (2022)

You cut me like a knife
When you said goodbye
I am lonely now
Are you feeling lonely too?

We could fly away
But you broke me again and again
I am falling now
Are you falling down too?

So many times
You tore me apart
Then walked away
When there was nothing left.

How could you do this to me?
Everything was so perfect
Until you broke my heart
And I lost my mind.

I crumbled to the ground
Since you let me go
I dream that
You are the one I hold so close.

In the moon light
Under the open sky
I’m crying to the stars
Cuz’ I really was in love with you.

How could you let it go like this?
Our time was not over yet
Look we are still alive
We promised, it will end when we die.

You killed this love
You can make it alive
Just spare it for the sake of your word
You gave me when we were involved.

It was a mistake
But we can fix it
Don’t kill the love anymore.

© Shuhab Abro

Wherever you may go, you belong to me.

“Don’t worry!” she said, “I’m too selfish, I told you I’d leave.”
I was silent, weeping deep inside.
She further said; “we always find, what we are looking for.”
After she was gone far far away.
I said to myself; “I am looking for something too. All the time, everywhere. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something that I have never found. Could I have been looking for you? Nayab?”

Hopelessly in Love – Poem #14 – (2022)

Self implosion is an art
While in corridors of heart
Heart always rebels against the mind
It says in love, everything is fare & fine.
Even after breaking apart
And falling to pieces
It’s always willing for a fresh start
And new beginnings
For that feeling of supreme emotion
Hopelessly, It will fall in love
Time after time.

© Shuhab Abro