Haveli (Book review)

The book is set five years after the first book “Shababu: Daughter of the wind.” Now Shababu is the fourth wife of the wealthy landowner, who is 40 years older than her. Shabanu and her husband Rahim have a five years old daughter Mumtaz.
I found the description of rich, nurturing community of women most fascinating in this continuation of Shababu: Daughter of the wind. They lead such hard lives and yet found it possible to love, laugh and live. The community of wealthier women – those with leisure are cruel and hateful.
This is a strong novel that truly captured my interest. First the setting is vivid, so well described that I felt I was really there experiencing through my eyes.
This sequel to Shabanu has moments of heartbreak as well. As for the plot it resisted predictability and did not cave in to any happily ever after clichès just like Shabanu.
I loved everything about Haveli. The lyrical language, wisdom and the message to the readers who feel trapped seeing nothing but misery in their future.
I think my favorite theme of this book is the idea that we always have choices. Sometimes the choices aren’t easy, but we always have them.

Ode To Storm!

In the invisible wind
My heart goes again

kicking up dust
Down the memory lane

When the sun heads out
From serene blue sky

Hurting my sight
On this tired earth

Same old people
Spreading into something new

Forcing me to reminisce
In such uncomfortable shoes.

© Shuhab Abro


May God bless you with unlimited joy
Not only in this world but hereafter too
May your life be bright and full of light

May God command the darkness
To flee away wherever you go
May you never stumble out of our plan

May the desires of your heart come true
And you experience every goodness
Rectitude, kindness and mercy come your way

You may gain wisdom
Grow old and be at peace
This is a prayer and i ask blessing upon you

© Shuhab Abro

Yes We Can Do!

When air smells of pollution

And we see rubbish on streets.

When we feel it’s all increasing
Remember there is a solution.
Yes we can do
To keep rivers clean.
To keep fresh the air we breath
And keep the city green.
There is nothing to do alot
If we just do our share.
So take some time out
To show this planet thet you care.

©Shuhab abro