That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!

When someone asked, What happened to you two? You were the perfect, You were soulmates, You were good lovers. Her face used to shine in your eyes! Her name was in your every sentence. Wasn’t she your treasure? Wasn’t she your dream? What happened to you two? I replied! With tears in my eyes; ThereContinue reading “That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!”

Thank You!

I trust you You trust me We trust our future Life is tricky But together, still we’re As we were Seems I owe you, An huge apology. My love! I have given you Hundred reasons To abandon me But you haven’t, Yet. So thank you. For my sake And for Our life ahead. Perhaps ItContinue reading “Thank You!”

Non Omnibus Eadem Page!

If you live believing All of them are bastards, Just because one hurt and lied. You will deprive yourself, To see the good in the one, who is waiting for you and sees universe in you. © Shuhab Abro