Once and for all the great July

You know what, since my childhood July use to be my favorite month. There is no school and it is rainy, plus hot as well. You can go swimming. And get to go for vacations. This is why I like July. Is it just me, or do we all have one favorite month? Magical thirtyContinue reading “Once and for all the great July”

Hope, Dream, smile!

Lift up your face
Give birth again
To my dreams.

All the wasted tears
All the broken memories
I promise to never make again.

Colors of February and Spring

February, February! I’m waiting for you. Dear spring! I’m waiting for you. I’m in love, I’m in love, with you and your activeness. February, February! the way you are short, short is always smart, the way the most important day exists in you, called the Valentine’s. The feast of homo sapiens, celebration of devotees, dominionContinue reading “Colors of February and Spring”