UnLoved – Poem #01 (2021)

From where the love’d to come
Love for your UnLoved?
Will you not miss ’em?
Missin’ ’em not, stoppin’ y’self to,
Is that the way to UnLove ’em?
From forgiveness to Forgotten?

You think you’re not a monster,
You must not care what they think.
If you care what they think,
How will you not hate ’em, well!
You became monster for ’em, well!
Kind of monster known’s [beloved- UnLoved]

They’ gone and they came not
They are free of you na’
As, They free’d you, You free’d ’em, well!
They’re as sunlight t’thou but isn’t it tru’
Dark night had to come.
Final shade had to go!

(All rights reserved © Shuhab Abro)

The Forty Rules Of Love (book review)

This book was in my book-shelf for more than four years, and I had no plans to read it. I thought it was just another novel about ‘Love’, so I withheld reading it.

And guess what? I was wrong.

What can I say? I can’t find words! I’m completely shaken by this masterpiece.

(Finding words to say something! How interesting, absorbing and compelling this book was.)

Okay, where should I start with a book like this? I’m scared my review may do injustice to the book, because this book is a beauty, respectfully beautiful.

The Forty Rules of Love consists two parallel tales. The first narrative is about Ella, who works for a literary agency and she was given a book entitled Sweet Blasphemy to make a report about it, and second narrative or chronicle (if I may) of this novel is the Sweet Blasphemy. It’s a story of the great mystic, Jalaluddin Rumi with his soul instructor, companion, friend and a soul mate, Shams of Tabriz in their journey for eternal love of God.

The first narrative of Ella was somehow a little odd and empty, I didn’t find it exciting as the second one. Shafak really nailed it in narrating the second narrative, the Sweet Blasphemy. The way it was shown from many perspectives.

I loved everything about this book and most of it is because of Shams of Tabriz, from his magnificent rules of love, to his daring personality, to his love and belief in God, everything about him was so beautiful and mesmerizing. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. The marvelous piece of wisdom and inspiration.

This is a must read for everyone (and yes, if you are ready to transform this one is for you). A book that goes beyond all faiths and beliefs, Highly recommended!


On the mother earth
And from our ancestors and teachers,
Do you expect us to sit and listen
And believe all about your fake gods?
Do you know what there is
A demon inside each of us; in History,
The demons among us,
Will have us destroyed.

In this world.
Who among us could have spoken up?
Against the God,
Who continued living among us!
He granted wishes and punishments
Much the way He always had.
Very few noticed them,
Casually taking the shape of one thing or another.

© Shuhab Abro


I avoided fights,
Avoided everything really.
All the while intently studying
Patiently looking
For the tell-tale signs,
Looking to find even
One other person like me.

When people challenge the God,
He curse them
With the label of madness.
It is all very convenient.

God can take the form of a swan
He can be merciful
God can take form in unknown colors
He can be anywhere
He can save someone
He can destroy someone
He can take the form of an eagle
He can take the form of a whale
He can take the form of fire
He can be the trunk of tree
He can be this, he can be that!
Do you know why?

© Shuhab Abro

GOD WITHIN US (Poem #01)

He grants you the ability
To forecast the future,
He wrenches your tongue
From your mouth, changes you
From monster into an innocent
The God is generous.

In this way, I learned
To avoid danger, avoid fear,
Avoid excitement.
These are the triggers that prompt
My wings
From their resting place deep inside.

© Shuhab Abro