A Tribute!

Hey! You know what? I’m not fine.I wish I could get some more wine,To forget everything that’s going on,As I’m listening to a beautiful sad song. Is this distance thing, you can digest?A little more time, can’t you just invest?Just tell me that it will be okay one day,Keep listening to all the shit IContinue reading “A Tribute!”

Oh My Soft Love!

Oh my soft loveTranquil luteFair plumed mistQueen of my heartMake my day melodious. Come on my idiot phoneMake a sound of loveHumbly once more Between the curse and heartOh my soft loveI will burn Let me not wander in a barren dreamWhile I am consumed in fireGive me new wings to fly off © ShuhabContinue reading “Oh My Soft Love!”

Let Me Not Wander In A Barren Dream!

Oh My soft-moaning RomanceWith tranquil lute!Fair plumed mist!Queen of my heart!Make melodious this rainy day. Shut up you idiot phone, and be mute:Bubye! for once again the fierce dispute,Between curse and heartfelt clayI must burn through;Humbly once more in the assay. The bitter-sweet of this Shuhabain fruitPoet and a cloud of sind,Sire of our deepContinue reading “Let Me Not Wander In A Barren Dream!”