I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)

I wish I shut my eyesSomewhat longer to dream,To plunge into the dreams,Emotional real factorsStowing away under the psyche. It alarms me to death;What I seeFurthermore, I awaken to the real world.I advise myself“That was only a fantasy”. Perhaps the truth is a fantasyWhat’s more, what I dream, a reality.As a general rule,I fantasy aboutContinue reading “I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)”


Something inside me,Refused to breatheAnd now I’m falling from the skyI’m a meteoroidAnd I’m coming towards the groundI’m breathless and I will fallNothing can stopt me, I’m fireAnd I will destroy you allI’m waving my own flagRed one, symbol of hazard.My head won’t acheWhen I’ll hear your cry.Death is almost thereAnd it will rain washContinue reading “Meteoroid!”

Mappa Of Happiness!

Let’s draw a line from you to me, andGo, discover emptiness across the worldAlong with walking tracks through the forestsOver the mountains let’s watch sunrise Let my hand land over your shoulderLet’s seek a home and live togetherIf this is real and free, let’s kiss and let it be.And let the rain wash away ourContinue reading “Mappa Of Happiness!”

Pirani – A Sindhi short story by Jamal Abro

Originally written in Sindhi language by Jamal Abro (1924 -2004), Pirani is a story of a little girl named Pirani.  Jamal Abro  is considered to be amongst the best writers in Sindh. Jamal Abro was born in May 1924 at Sangi, a small village in Mehar Taluka, Sindh, British India, and he passed away in 2004 at Karachi, Pakistan.