I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)

I wish I shut my eyesSomewhat longer to dream,To plunge into the dreams,Emotional real factorsStowing away under the psyche. It alarms me to death;What I seeFurthermore, I awaken to the real world.I advise myself“That was only a fantasy”. Perhaps the truth is a fantasyWhat’s more, what I dream, a reality.As a general rule,I fantasy aboutContinue reading “I don’t know if it’s a dream – Poem #5 – (2021)”

Fire All around the world

Burning thoughts inside my head Keeps me awake all the night Darkest flames are just so bright. Whenever I close my eyes I dream of you everytime Even in my restless nights. The heat of you is hard to bear That fills my body with the smoke It gives me cough and steal my voice.Continue reading “Fire All around the world”