If You Want – Poem #7 – (2021)

If you want a lover,I’ll do anything for you.And if you want another kind of love,I’ll kill myself for you. If you want a writer,I’ll write books for you.If you want a poet,I’ll narrate poems for you.If you want a love-mate,I’ll drop everything just to make love.If you want a boxer,I’ll step into the ringContinue reading “If You Want – Poem #7 – (2021)”

Your New Favorite Book!

“When I stare at the sky, I see you. When I stare out into the ocean, I see you. When I’m looking at the moon, I see you. Oh GOD! Would you move aside, you’re constantly getting in my way.” Hussein Nishah It seemsYou found your new favorite book[In him] One that keeps you aliveAnd awakeContinue reading “Your New Favorite Book!”

Oh My Soft Love!

Oh my soft loveTranquil luteFair plumed mistQueen of my heartMake my day melodious. Come on my idiot phoneMake a sound of loveHumbly once more Between the curse and heartOh my soft loveI will burn Let me not wander in a barren dreamWhile I am consumed in fireGive me new wings to fly off © ShuhabContinue reading “Oh My Soft Love!”