Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)

A big thanks to you my dearFor breaking up my heart.I’m serious about my wordsYou knew how serious I wasIn our relationship,Now that is Nameless. How mad I was for you.I spent my whole daysJust thinking about you.The importance I gave youMore than anything else.I kept my everything aside. My wishes and my goals.I forgotContinue reading “Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)”

Fate (Poem #2) – Joke Of The Fate!

Fate is a monster, yet,Fate is my friend. Fate is death, it is my painFate is darkness clouding my name. Fate opens all of the closed doorsAnd sometimes closes all the open ones. Fate is a monster, but yet,It’s my friend. Fate helps meBut sometimes holds me down. Fate is that brings you happinessAnd lovedContinue reading “Fate (Poem #2) – Joke Of The Fate!”


Something inside me,Refused to breatheAnd now I’m falling from the skyI’m a meteoroidAnd I’m coming towards the groundI’m breathless and I will fallNothing can stopt me, I’m fireAnd I will destroy you allI’m waving my own flagRed one, symbol of hazard.My head won’t acheWhen I’ll hear your cry.Death is almost thereAnd it will rain washContinue reading “Meteoroid!”