Dead inside, uncomfortable outside, but still hopeful – Poem #13 – (2021)

Uneasiness, anxiety, fatigueCrawling up the walls Rest of the nights depleting endlesslyCigarettes are turning into my appetite Eyes totally open, gazing at void wallsListening same vocalless melodyAgain and again Expecting a cheerful closure,Sometime soon Structure underneath my clothes;Like skeleton meandering around Heart inside my chest,Idk beating or not Void inside,yet confident for more promising timesLongContinue reading “Dead inside, uncomfortable outside, but still hopeful – Poem #13 – (2021)”

Nostalgia – Poem #9 – (2021)

Raindrops showering on my faceRefreshing my soul, but your absence,It’s killing me, my sweet love. In this beautiful weather,I’m missing your bodily hugs,Your lip kisses and bodily fluids Scrolling down romantic stuffWaiting for you, JustImagining your cuddles Closing my eyes,Picturing your smile,Upon your face. Come to me,Rescue me, hold me,kiss me with your lips. MakeContinue reading “Nostalgia – Poem #9 – (2021)”

Need You In My Arms!

I want to see you right now Here in my arms In front of my eyes Chest against chest Lips against lips Hands in hands A little drama A little adventure But a true love story I swear to God I need you right now Here in my arms. Let’s kill the time together Let’sContinue reading “Need You In My Arms!”

That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!

When someone asked, What happened to you two? You were the perfect, You were soulmates, You were good lovers. Her face used to shine in your eyes! Her name was in your every sentence. Wasn’t she your treasure? Wasn’t she your dream? What happened to you two? I replied! With tears in my eyes; ThereContinue reading “That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!”