Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)

A big thanks to you my dearFor breaking up my heart.I’m serious about my wordsYou knew how serious I wasIn our relationship,Now that is Nameless. How mad I was for you.I spent my whole daysJust thinking about you.The importance I gave youMore than anything else.I kept my everything aside. My wishes and my goals.I forgotContinue reading “Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)”


What’s happening to my creativity?Am I still dreaming of anonymity?Can’t I rip my soul open like beforeI Don’t know what I need anymore. Am I not damaged anyway?I shouldn’t pretend by the wayFeelings must flow freelyFor the sake of legitimacy. © Shuhab Abro

Light In Dark!

Waiting for that long nights in my bed I now see no more you, just your shadow I could see nothing in dark except that And finally now arrives a new day Here comes light straight to me Light feels like first time I see Whole night I just sat under the sky At firstContinue reading “Light In Dark!”

Let’s See Differently

You know, I prefer to see it the other way. If it wasn’t that night or argue Or that stupid messy things It would have been golden time We both would have had eid. We would have been listening to music Sharing our experiences and photos I would have found you Thank you for findingContinue reading “Let’s See Differently”