UnLoved – Poem #01 (2021)

From where the love’d to comeLove for your UnLoved?Will you not miss ’em?Missin’ ’em not, stoppin’ y’self to,Is that the way to UnLove ’em?From forgiveness to Forgotten? You think you’re not a monster,You must not care what they think.If you care what they think,How will you not hate ’em, well!You became monster for ’em, well!KindContinue reading “UnLoved – Poem #01 (2021)”

Light In Dark!

Waiting for that long nights in my bed I now see no more you, just your shadow I could see nothing in dark except that And finally now arrives a new day Here comes light straight to me Light feels like first time I see Whole night I just sat under the sky At firstContinue reading “Light In Dark!”