Don’t Quit Yet – Poem #02 – (2021)

Oh traveler of the right path,Don’t despiar.Don’t quit yourself,Don’t be desperate.Take a trip to your heartJust like holy people do.You are the oneWho sees the truth,Don’t fall forBeauties of the world.If our hearts beats together,Then why do you careAbout the world.Turn into your heart.When your heart asks,What will happen in the end?Be sure thatEverything willContinue reading “Don’t Quit Yet – Poem #02 – (2021)”

But I Won’t Blame You!

I’m going through the darkest time But I won’t blame you My life is messed up My future is on bet But won’t blame you I trusted you I love you the most But in the end something happened to you I’m broken I’m shattered But I won’t blame you I let you come inContinue reading “But I Won’t Blame You!”

That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!

When someone asked, What happened to you two? You were the perfect, You were soulmates, You were good lovers. Her face used to shine in your eyes! Her name was in your every sentence. Wasn’t she your treasure? Wasn’t she your dream? What happened to you two? I replied! With tears in my eyes; ThereContinue reading “That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!”

You are always on my mind

You are the one who rule my mind I think of you all the time I remember everything you say I reread every text you send. I will never let you down Or hurt you my proud I am always free for you Every second of the day. You are like oxygen I breathe IContinue reading “You are always on my mind”

Hope, Dream, smile!

Lift up your face
Give birth again
To my dreams.

All the wasted tears
All the broken memories
I promise to never make again.