Three Cups Of Tea (Book Review)

This book is such a glowing endorsement for the person Greg Mortenson, but I had a hard time taking in the story of what he did, quite frankly. I was getting sick of him. Which is not necessarily fair because he was not telling the story so. The person telling, it could have toned it down a notch or two and let us come to our conclusion, and no doubt Greg Mortenson is a super great guy for what he did.

Greg was a mountaineer with his sight set on Pakistan’s K2, when a disaster in his climbing party forced him to abort his attempt on the summit on his way down, the exhausted climber got lost and wandered into a remote and impoverished village that had never seen a Western before. As the kind residents helped Mortenson regain his strength, he committed to repaying them by building a school for the dozens of children he saw craving their lesson into the dirt with sticks.

That promise would go on to transform from a part-time nurse and climbing nut to a man obsessed with bringing education to some of the world’s most neglected people.

The story of how Mortenson managed to fulfill his naive promise and go on not just built one school, but dozens more across the remote mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, more astonishing fact is that he survived hostile environment at all.

By the time book was over I was feeling like some of us got lost in Pakistan while climbing mountains and building schools for impoverished girls that would otherwise have no future.

I think it would have been more inclined to enjoy Mortenson’s story in a magazine article than in this extended 330+ page (book) tribute to him.

Mappa Of Happiness!

Let’s draw a line from you to me, and
Go, discover emptiness across the world
Along with walking tracks through the forests
Over the mountains let’s watch sunrise

Let my hand land over your shoulder
Let’s seek a home and live together
If this is real and free, let’s kiss and let it be.
And let the rain wash away our sorrows!

© Shuhab Abro