If I Was To See You Again!

If I was to see you again,It would be too soon,My emotional scars are still freshThey will take so long to healThey are still rawAnd tender to the touch.Though happy memoriesOutweigh the negative,I am still left wondering eternalIf I ever knew you at all? I have so many questions,So much tormenting my soul,So much unknownThatContinue reading “If I Was To See You Again!”

From Qalb: “HEART”

I don’t know where you go,when you’re away. One minute you’re hereAnd the next miles away. There’s a wide wall between usbuilt with pebbles and stones. Misplaced anger and insecurity.I test the strength of wall, with my spirit. And try to chip away all the concreteWith sweet words, lame jokesAnd pure sense of humor. ©Continue reading “From Qalb: “HEART””

And A Thousand Memories Trigger

He saw, she was getting tired And he was not the cure He put his arms around her And she whispered “I’m not yours” With tearful eyes he watched her fade He loved her but he could not make her stay His heart stopped beating And a thousand memories trigger God broke his heart toContinue reading “And A Thousand Memories Trigger”

Pirani – A Sindhi short story by Jamal Abro

Originally written in Sindhi language by Jamal Abro (1924 -2004), Pirani is a story of a little girl named Pirani.  Jamal Abro  is considered to be amongst the best writers in Sindh. Jamal Abro was born in May 1924 at Sangi, a small village in Mehar Taluka, Sindh, British India, and he passed away in 2004 at Karachi, Pakistan.