Our Master And Leader is Hussain!

Our master and leader is Hussain,
The peace in our hearts is Husssain.
Whisper of his followers and lovers,
Say Nothing but Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain.

Except you, I have no other thought,
My kin, my belongings,
My life and devotion.
To the dark tale of the killing field,

The pouring rain we weep.
Grieving and mourning you these nights,
Alongside the martyrs we weep.
Our tears keen of the Al-furaat,

Our Imam got killed for water.
By our Molaa, the leader, we remain,
From Ashura is the zeal that we gain.
Lovers! And believers say Bismillah!

The path to Jannah is from Karbala!
While I’m alive, I’ll never abandon Ali,
Every Day is Ashura,
Every Land is Karbala.

Oh heir to Hussain’s blood!
Mahdi, son of Zahra, arrive!
Defend us from the tyrants,
Fly to us oh proof from Allah.

© Shuhab Abro