I want – Poem #03 – (2022)

I want you And I want to get drunk With your tequila flavored kisses Let it scratch Let it burn To get upset That makes me lose my mind Make me dizzy and fall into your arms I want to drink you sip by sip Savor you between my lips And enjoy all of you.Continue reading “I want – Poem #03 – (2022)”

Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)

You are a woman,But not a woman a man can trust.You are a devious womanA woman who drives men insane.You promises them your loveAnd your favors.But then you changes your mind,Cheats on themGoes with someone else.Do you understand,What I’m thinking?Do you understand,What I’m talking about?I guess you got me,That you can not be trusted!Your promisesContinue reading “Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)”

That is All I Know – Poem #20 – (2021)

Thou’t be anyone.I know not, how to belong to anyone. It’t be mine, who’s anyone. I am rooted,  yet I flow.All gold, all silver running slow.Mine own brain, Mine own heartIs all I have, and I do own. Since thou dream things like the stars,Our worth doesn’t seem to matter much.Most exciting or almost not.That isContinue reading “That is All I Know – Poem #20 – (2021)”

If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!

Advice for those who want be committed to a person, but they are just desperate to pass their time that is completely up to No Good, kindly stop being desperate, right people (those who really understand the meaning of being committed) will never leave once they come. And advice for those who enjoy playing withContinue reading “If you want to get it done, let’s make it happen!”