We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!

Thousand of miles between us Only the distance keeping us apart But nothing will ever change The love inside my heart We may not be together today But in our hearts Every minute we are In a lot of ways My sweet potato I just want to thank you For being so understanding And forContinue reading “We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!”

A Smile To End A War!

Her smile was enough to end a war I see her face everywhere I go I hear her voice in my dreams And I feel the lingering ghost of her touch A smile to end a war I feel responsible Perhaps if I had known her more I could never let her go Something wasContinue reading “A Smile To End A War!”

He’s Lonely!

A week is over, new has dawned And yet, she still not returned Yeah! That has been a drawn week And yet, she is not on her way Sun-rays faded into my dark room Darkness never stopped in my life Her lengthy fights only consume Everyday he wakes to define her beauty. © Shuhab Abro