To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)

3/5 stars ⭐ This will be a short review! This book was published more than 60 years ago, has also been used as an educational book for countless young students. The main problems represented in this book – Racism, disadvantage, rape, false accusation of rape, all of these are hateful and really should have neverContinue reading “To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)”

Why I studied Law, and why I want to study law again?

The minute you tell someone that you want to study law – they assume one thing right off. You want to be a lawyer. You want to practice law. This misconception has spread, tainting the view of young students who look at degrees. They assume that if they don’t want to argue in court andContinue reading “Why I studied Law, and why I want to study law again?”