Our Master And Leader is Hussain!

Our master and leader is Hussain,The peace in our hearts is Husssain.Whisper of his followers and lovers,Say Nothing but Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain. Except you, I have no other thought,My kin, my belongings,My life and devotion.To the dark tale of the killing field, The pouring rain we weep.Grieving and mourning you these nights,Alongside the martyrsContinue reading “Our Master And Leader is Hussain!”


Something inside me,Refused to breatheAnd now I’m falling from the skyI’m a meteoroidAnd I’m coming towards the groundI’m breathless and I will fallNothing can stopt me, I’m fireAnd I will destroy you allI’m waving my own flagRed one, symbol of hazard.My head won’t acheWhen I’ll hear your cry.Death is almost thereAnd it will rain washContinue reading “Meteoroid!”

A Shikarpuri Old Woman

It was a pretty sunny day here in Karachi yesterday, I was at the Urdu bazar along with my friend Agha Mubashir. After buying some books we were looking for some chai (Tea) and then we just found a little Dhaba (Hotel) there. We ordered two cups of chai, and started some tittle-tattle suddenly this old woman, who was sitting next to us forwarded her hand towards me where a jug of water was placed on the table. I was so tired, that’s why I said immediately said Maaf karo Amma (pardon me/please leave). Then this beautiful scenario came into existence.