My Feelings For You

My words can’t describe it But my feelings for you Yes my feelings are so many But words, are so few. Satisfaction you give me And connection that is pure I’m glad while knowing that I found someone like you. You love me so sweetly I’ll lost if you will go away You are theContinue reading “My Feelings For You”

Hope, Dream, smile!

Lift up your face
Give birth again
To my dreams.

All the wasted tears
All the broken memories
I promise to never make again.

Fair unfair!

Dreaming or awake Baby There is always Something Reminds me of you I feel you, Coz I exist in you. Each night We talk The thing I love Your whispers. Sometimes Feel like You sleep on my other side I hug my pillow I feel it, Like you are on my beside.

Thoughts In My Mind For Her

Her angry face, makes me more addict believe me her smile in huffy face makes me more to her, addict! It is not that is I do appreciate believe me saying sorry, holding her out, trying to make her smile is my addiction Seeing her face smileless, kills me sometimes but I know in anyContinue reading “Thoughts In My Mind For Her”