Hopelessly in Love – Poem #14 – (2022)

Self implosion is an artWhile in corridors of heartHeart always rebels against the mindIt says in love, everything is fare & fine.Even after breaking apart And falling to pieces It’s always willing for a fresh startAnd new beginningsFor that feeling of supreme emotionHopelessly, It will fall in love Time after time. © Shuhab Abro

Together We Were Stronger – Poem #18 – (2021)

We fought, we laughedWe walked away, we came backWe listened, we yelledWe walked, we crawledWe got lost, we followedWe screamed, we criedWe burned, we frozeWe tried, we torturedAccepted then rejectedDefeated and cheatedMisplaced and chasedHated and debatedManipulated and dividedShaken and destroyedMistaken and clarifiedWe were stronger for longerWe were shattered, but recoveredWe improved and moved togetherWe wereContinue reading “Together We Were Stronger – Poem #18 – (2021)”