A War Between Glass-Sheet and Beautiful souls!

Talking long distance, I feel like I knew her; more than anyone! Even though we had never met. I knew her feelings! I knew her wants! I knew her needs! I could actually get to know her More than I usually act, I know! May be it was not in our fate. I loved theContinue reading “A War Between Glass-Sheet and Beautiful souls!”


Who said we met unfortunately? Everything happens for a reason. Who says we aren’t meant for each other This is a chessboard In the end everyone will leave King and Queen will remain. I’m the king and you are a queen You know this life is designed By someone who knew us intimately So youContinue reading “Chessboard!”

Non Omnibus Eadem Page!

If you live believing All of them are bastards, Just because one hurt and lied. You will deprive yourself, To see the good in the one, who is waiting for you and sees universe in you. © Shuhab Abro