Phobia whispered Choose me I’m sure. Destiny whispered See me I’m your. Death whispered You know I’m truth. Hope whispered I’m blind You have to. Violence whispered Pick me up People will be scared. Help whispered Help me All of above will destroy you. I listened them carefully Then I decide I have nowhere toContinue reading “Whispers”

Let’s write a poem

Nobody know him, Who wrote this poem! He writes not for fame, He writes, what he feels. Let’s write a poem! About emptiness. What are we smiling at. Even in blankness. Let’s walk in a flow. With the same aim. Peace of mind. And love of soul. Let them walk away. Who want to stayContinue reading “Let’s write a poem”

Yes We Can Do!

When air smells of pollution And we see rubbish on streets. When we feel it’s all increasing Remember there is a solution. Yes we can do To keep rivers clean. To keep fresh the air we breath And keep the city green. There is nothing to do alot If we just do our share. SoContinue reading “Yes We Can Do!”