Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)

You are a woman,
But not a woman a man can trust.
You are a devious woman
A woman who drives men insane.
You promises them your love
And your favors.
But then you changes your mind,
Cheats on them
Goes with someone else.
Do you understand,
What I’m thinking?
Do you understand,
What I’m talking about?
I guess you got me,
That you can not be trusted!
Your promises are worthless,
You will always be a little bitch.
You will be as fickle as harlot.

© Shuhab Abro

Desire – Poem #10 – (2021)

Make me silent with your moans
Make me beat you to and fro

Be an echo of my soul.
Make me strong with your moves.

In the light of your gaze,
Make me tear apart or at least try

Put out my burning heart.
And replace it with your charm.

Let me wrap around you
When you say, do everything to me.

Make me speak your name
While you’re fully passionate and desired.

© Shuhab Abro